AHMED MATER is a Saudi artist and the director of Misk Art Institute, an innovative cultural hub for Saudi and Arab art.  His mediums are photography, calligraphy, painting, installation, performance and video. His work, which explores history in the narratives and aesthetics of Islamic culture, has been exhibited at prestigious institutions such as The Brooklyn Museum, The Museum of Modern Art and The Guggenheim.  


STEPHEN STAPLETON is an artist and entrepreneurial company director. He is founder and director of Edge of Arabia and CULTURUNNERS, and founder of the charity Crossway Foundation. He has a focus on providing an independent platform for contemporary art, reaching out to new audiences across the United States, Europe and Middle East, by presenting ground-breaking exhibitions of Arab and Islamic World artists.


FRANCESCO LONARDI is an award winning VR producer. He started his video production career at The Blink Fish—a Milanese production company where he worked on commercial projects including the rebranding of Milan Fashion week, and an Audi sponsored cultural project called Audiorama. He is now a producer on Discovery Channel’s series Wild Frank and has produced documentaries in Congo, Central African Republic, Saudi Arabia, Italy , Spain and Greece.


ZIAD N.  EL-SAYED is a producer based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. In 2008, he formed V TWO as an independent production company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Working effectively across all market sectors, including Art Galleries, TV and fashion. His work combines a mix of cutting-edge traditional marketing and advertisement with fixing foreign productions in Saudi Arabia.


NICCOLOÒ DI GUIDA is an award-winning Director of Photography and focus puller based in Milan with a passion for VR. He specializes in VR cameras and shoots with a variety of different rigs. He works with Milanese production company The Blink Fish on a commercial and documentary projects and is taking advantage of the growing demand for VR content in the Milanese fashion industry.



VITTORIO GIAMPIETRO  is a musician, composer and sound designer from Rome. Currently living between Germany and Italy, he composes and records original music for cinema, television, advertising video art, museum exhibitions and galleries. His works are the soundtracks of award-winning movies and commercials including “il Solengo” (winner of the Doc Lisboa ’15 & Torino Film Festival ’15) and “Mami Wata/Woza” (Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions '17). []


Executive Producers: Stephen Stapleton, Ahmed Mater


Director and Writer: Matteo Lonardi


Producer: Francesco Lonardi


Director of Photography: Niccolò Di Guida

Music Composer: Vittorio Giampietro


Editor and Colorist: Matteo Cataldo


Mixing Engineer: Andrea Cataldo

Script Co-writer: John Albert

Production Coordinator: Dr Sven Knowles


Script Editors: John Albert, Marisa Mazria Katz


Local Production: Mohammed Ghdban, Ziad Elsayed


Fixer: Mohamed Ali Gomriani


Voice Over: Latifa Algosaibi


Boom Operator Recorder: Abdulrahman Bakur


Backstage DOP: Emad Ahmed Alsayed 


Financial Controller: Aga Antosz

Screening Coordinators: Daphne Taranto, Anthony Tino


Thank You: Mahmoud Sami, Abdulrahman Alsahami

Camera Training: Luca Cipriani